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Marque NF articles de quincaillerie

The objective of NF Mark - Hardware Articles is to certify that the hardware items which bear the mark adhere to the quality, operation, performance and dimensional specifications of the French or European norms concerning them, and in fact, even to other similar specifications.

The mark concerns also hardware security products for people and property contributing:

bulletto the evacuation of persons (E).
bulletto the compartmentalization in case of fire (C).
bulletor to both (E+C).

The concerned products are primarily:


Class E


Locking arrangements for emergency exits.


Door and windows hinges.


Controlled door closing device.


Door coordinator device.


Class E+C


Emergency/Panic exit device.



NF mark logo is affixed on each product (Punch mark, sticker) conforming to the below model.
Products awarded this mark are identified by the "NF" logo, followed by the letter "Q" and the pertinent class ("E","C","E+C").

For class C and E+C products, the mark enables the easy replacement of parts for fire resistant and FASTE doors (other quality mark for doors) which have obtained the NF certification.

A special hardware committee appointed by the Director of AFNOR and acting within the framework of the NF Mark General Rules, supervises the operations.

This committee ensures that the regulations are correctly applied. The committee forwards applications and proposes to the AFNOR the decisions regarding refusals or approvals regarding the right to use the NF mark. It organises all the inspections carried out in the market or in the factory.
Naturally, the admission to the mark, Would not under any circumstances replace the responsibility of the manufacturer arising from his legal obligations with the guarantee of the AFNOR certification and the special committee.

List of titleholders of this mark ( List October 2015 )

A Comfort class

Manufacturers Building lock 135 Building lock 150 Building lock of unnormalized dimensions Espagnolette lock Furniture lock Hinge Fittings for shutters
Bricard Yes Yes          
Clémenson Industrie           Yes  
Decayeux   Yes          
Jardinier Massard           Yes  
JPM Yes Yes Yes        
Dom-Metalux  Yes Yes Yes        
Monin           Yes  
Thirard Yes Yes Yes         
Torbel             Yes
Vachette/ASSA ABLOY Yes   Yes        

B Evacuation class E

Manufacturers DAS part XIV Panic device Emergency exit device
Bricard     Yes
Deny/Fontaine   Yes  
JPM Yes Yes  
Dom-Metalux   Yes  
Picard Serrures   Yes  
Vachette/ASSA ABLOY   Yes Yes

C Evacuation and compartmentalization class E+C

Manufacturers DAS part XIV Emergency exit device Panic device
ABLOY France Yes    
Bricard     Yes
Deny/Fontaine     Yes
JPM Yes Yes Yes
La Croisée DS     Yes
Dom-Metalux     Yes
Picard Serrures     Yes

D Compartmentalization class C

Manufacturers Door mortise lock insert 135 Door mortise lock insert 150 Building lock of unnormalized dimensions Multi-point mortised locking system Door closer Hydrolic Door closer
Bricard Yes Yes   Yes    
Fermetures Groom            
JPM     Yes      
Dom-Metalux   Yes  Yes Yes    
Saint Gobain Seva            
Thirard   Yes   Yes    
Vachette/ASSA ABLOY AUBE ANJOU     Yes Yes    

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